Remove Chlorine, Copper and other minerals caused by hard water…..

This powerful Detox Treatment uses the proven, purifying effects of activated carbon and kaolin clay to gently but effectively remove the damaging impurities from the hair caused by environmental pollutants. Hair and scalp are returned to their original state and left ready and primed for the second step of your Semi Di Lino Ritual.

Removes Chlorine, Copper and other minerals caused by hard water…

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Award Winning Power Styler

The Power Styler is a ceramic attachment that instantly improves your blow-dry and helps you achieve shinier, smoother, longer lasting results in less time.

Blow-dry your hair in the usual way, guiding The Power Styler gently down the hair shaft to achieve instant results. The hot air heats the ceramic plates, acting like a straightener, leaving your hair looking smooth and shiny.

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How to wash hair extensions

Buy a pH balanced shampoo and conditioner. Put these in small individual bowls. Do not use a shampoo or conditioner that is not pH balanced.

Gently comb out your extensions one at a time with a brush or a wide toothed comb. This makes for an easier wash.

Use your fingers very gently to wet your extensions. Sponge on shampoo gently. Do not rub in like you do with normal hair. Be careful not to make any knots.

Use conditioner. Be careful on how much you use, and using conditioner on your extensions more than once a month could damage them! Rinse thoroughly.

After you shampoo/condition, set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry.

Depending on where you got your extensions from, feel free to curl, crimp, braid, or straighten your hair extensions.


Shampoo your hair, the right way

The Art and skill of shampooing your hair:

Dry Run: Comb your hair with a wide tooth comb before wetting

Pre Soak: This is vital, as you will use less shampoo.

Apply and lathering: Pour shampoo on the palm of your hand, rub together then shampoo. massage your scalp with your fingertips for 30 seconds from front to back to avoid tangling.

Rinse: This should be done longer than you think, there is no point in finishing off with a cold rinse unless you enjoy it. One shampoo is all that is necessary when washing your hair daily.

Keratherapy – Rapid Rescue

Your dream hair secret has finally arrived! Featuring our signature Kerabond Technology, combined with Natural Macadamia Oil, Keratin and Antioxidants. Rapid Rescue spray instantly transforms your hair to shiny, smooth and healthy – all this while protecting from the sun, styling and environmental damage.