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The Colour Room at Noel Higgins Salon Hairdressing is a quite casual, intimate, yet fun salon. Catering to individuals who desire natural looking hair colour and customised hairstyles that work to enhance your looks.

Noel Higgins is an Award winning hair colourist and offers the highest level of personalised professional hair colouring. Noel combines the latest techniques, gleaned from his extensive educational knowledge, with the latest trend tools to create hair that turns heads.

When you find yourself looking for an incredible hair salon or hair colourist in Blackrock, Noel Higgins Salon is where you need to be. Noel Higgins Hairdressing is the leading hair colour salon in Ireland, specialising in the creation of perfect hair colour, We are renowned for our colour correction work and we are also the salon choice for many leading celebrities.

Colour Menu

Permanent Colour

If you want a more dramatic change (two or more shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour), a permanent colour is a better option. It’s also the best choice for covering up grey hair.


If you’re looking to subtly deepen your natural hair color or add a layer of colour (such as a red tone on brown hair), a semi-permanent colour is your best option. Keep in mind semi-permanents darken hair. Because they don’t contain ammonia or peroxide, semi-permanent colour can’t lighten hair.


Creating two tone fashion shades, meche / foil, Hair highlighting/lowlighting refers to changing a person’s hair colour, using lightener or hair colour to colour hair strands. There are three basic types of highlights: foil / meche highlights, hair painting, and frosting.


Ombre hair refers to hair colour fading from dark to light, or vice versa. Instead of the colour starting from the roots, it gradually becomes lighter, or darker, towards the ends. The word “Ombre” in French means shadow or shade.


Sombre is a softer version of Ombre. It is very settle and fashionable look, loved by many celebrities. Sombre goes well with all variations of hair textures.
Here is an example of Ombre and Sombre. Sombre hair colour looks very soft and natural.


Flamboyage is a new hot trend and a low maintenance hair colour technique. It is a combination of Ombre and Balayage, where transparent adhesive strip is used to colour the hair or there is also different technique to achieve soft peek-a-boo highlights.

Colour Cocktail

Tone on tone shine gloss with added grape seed oil, Want a longer-lasting option? Consider tone on tone colouring, which, like semi-permanent colour, deepens and intensifies your natural colour but will only lighten hair one shade.

Colour Correction

Unhappy with your hair colour, achieve that colour you have always wanted, change colour tone, remove unwanted tones, expert advice, consultation advised.

Colour Refresher

Enhance your old faded colour instantly with our very own keratin based personalised colour treatment, choice of up to 12 colours.
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