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Cinderella Hair Extensions

The beauty of the pre-bonded Cinderella system is the absence of shedding, there is no hair loss. The extensions are quick and easy to apply and the quality of the hair is fantastic. It is always consistent and reliable and their customer service is a dream to work with.

Available Lenghts & Styles

16 & 20 inch straight, Our range of Straight Hair really defines the beauty of simplicity with an extremely powerful transformation.

18 & 22 inch bodywave, A wave of luxurious thickness, volume & length which provides texture for an intense appearance.

20 inch curly / permed, Spirals of enriched curls that sustains its shape
for up to three months.

Quality Controlled

  • Each bundle has a Remy Grade Approved Certificate
  • Only the softest and silkiest hair is used
  • Cinderella pre-bonded hair extensions have a protein moulded bond
  • The bonds are made of protein and will not damage the hair
  • The hair comes pre-made and is simple to apply
  • There are 51 different colours to ensure a perfect match
  • Easy to apply and just as easy to remove

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